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New Books, New Editions!

Quite a lot has been going on at Gabriel's Horn! In the past year, we've released two new poetry books, our first foray into foreign language with Kom ons Leer Afrikaans by Ingor van Rooi, the second edition of Shawn D. Brink's novel The Space Between, and a new novel by Laura Vosika and Chris R. Powell, The Saint in the Cellar.

The Saint in the Cellar is a charming and poignant story of a little boy with a big imagination--or is he the center of miracles? Jacob lives in a world of knights and dragons—when he isn’t going to first grade, learning manners and waltzes, and eating steak tartare.

While his parents’ careers keep them occupied, he befriends the large and rambunctious family next door and explores his new home—the Summit Hill mansion of a 19th century railroad baron. Jacob is used to battling dragons. But even he is surprised to discover a man living in the walls in his basement! Anthony says he is a monk living in the medieval anchorite tradition, sealed in a cell for life to pray, hoping to become a saint.

Mama does not like his friendship with the kids next door. And she doesn’t believe there’s a saint in the cellar. But then, she doesn’t believe in dragons or King Methred, either.

What if she’s wrong….?


Some years ago, we released Shawn D. Brink's third book in his The Space Between trilogy. We are pleased to now to have just published the updated, second edition of the first book in the trilogy, The Space Between. When Hunter and his wife Nora begin to have dark dreams, they are driven to find what truth lies behind them. But the truth they find is terrifying. Watch for the second edition of The Devil's Revenge in the coming months.


Gabriel's Horn welcomes Ingor van Rooi to our family of authors. A native of South Africa now living in Canada, Ingor is fluent in Afrikaans and English. When she set out to find a book to help her daughters learn Afrikaans, she discovered the need for a good book on the language. As a result, Kom Ons Leer Afrikaans! is now available. Watch for a workbook and a second book to come!


If you'd like to hear from authors directly, tune into Books and Brews as GH author Laura Vosika and co-host Michael Agnew, Minnesota's first beer cicerone, meet with an author each month to talk about their work and pair it to beer!

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