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Care-Giving and Self-Help

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The Four Spheres: habits for a better life

by Laura Vosika

Throughout history, philosophers have sought the keys to living well. Many have identified four key activities we must engage in daily, to be healthy and happy and live well. They have been called by many names over the years. Here, we call them the Four Spheres. They are Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, and Physical.
This journal is designed to help build habits that will change your life.

Little Red Wagon Full of Hope: Tips and Inspiration from a Loving Caregiver

by Kathy Scanlon Opie

When attending to the many cares of a loved one, the caregiver's needs can be overlooked, leading to feelings of isolation, sadness, and anger.  A Little Red Wagon Full Of Hope can provide those with loved ones facing serious illness some insight and help as Kathy shares her journey with her son’s bone cancer, her best friend’s battle and loss to breast cancer, and others' care stories.


Each chapter provides relevant, poignant stories and tips. From such topics as pet therapy, what to bring to the hospital, getting out into the community, food for the soul, it's okay to cry, and caring for the caregiver, Kathy's goal is to provide support and hope to those facing a challenging road--from someone who has been there and understands.


Profits from this book go to cancer research and help for caregivers.

The Path That Shines

by Chris R. Powell

Dr. Powell's late wife Bonnie suffered from a dozen medical conditions so serious they required specialists of whom you would not want to meet one, let alone a dozen. Her last year was marked by a level of pain and agony that was gut-wrenching for her family, friends, and caregivers to live through and witness.


Yet, through this time, Bonnie remained remarkably upbeat and strong, doing her best to mother their daughter and always thinking of others, following a spiritual path that truly shone.   She left a legacy of faith, love, strength, humor, and spirit that transcended her suffering in life, leaving an example for many.


This book is a memoir of that strength and a guide for dealing with complex medical conditions and the associated struggle. People who find this story compelling range from those suffering their own serious struggles in life, to medical doctors and students, therapists, pastors, and anyone looking for hope and blessing in the face of the very worst a human body can endure. 

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