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Mystery/ Detective


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by Ross Tarry

Twenty-four years had passed since Deloris Berrio was found murdered in the small midwester town of Waterville. At the time, the name Connie Basil, her boyfriend, was on everyone's lips.


Unable to give an alibi, Connie joined the army, left for Fort Leonard Wood and tried to forget. Years later when he returned as an attorney, he found that time hadn't changed opinions.


When he learns his friend Donny has committed suicide, he starts to investigate. When Donny's wife Olivia is found dead just weeks later, he knows something is terribly wrong. Soon there are more killings and if he isn't careful, he might be next. You can visit your past, Connie learns, but you can never go home again.


Last Cry of the Whipoorwill

by Ross Tarry

Jersey Wilkes knows Baja Mexico and the Sea of Cortez like the back of his hand. He believes his simple, uncomplicated life as captain of his boat, Whipoorwill, will go on forever. And it does, until a woman from his past shows up in Los Cruces.


Charmin Gotti is on what could be called a risky mission to locate her husband and needs his help. Jersey reluctantly agrees and soon discovers his chances of surviving this mission are slightly greater than surviving Charmin Gotti's charms.

Cardinal Red

by Ross Tarry

When a woman is killed in his office by a hired assassin, retired homicide detective turned private eye Vic Pittaro is hired by the victim's husband to find out who hired the killer and why. When he discovers family secrets that threaten an influential family, the case turns personal and leaves behind a string of dead bodies.

Eye of the Serpent

by Ross Tarry

Sometimes love can be so great, so powerful, as to overshadow all other realities. Dominic Garcia, a young American archeologist, finds himself drawn to the ancient Mayan site of Ojos de Agua in southern Mexico by an energy much older than himself. There is also another draw: a woman whose passion is justice; a strong, single-minded woman who leads him into a world of deceit, deception, and the violence of a blossoming revolution. Along the way, he learns that having something to live for also means having something to die for

Of Mourning Doves and Heroes

by Ross Tarry

In the small town of Lawrence, a paraplegic is found dead. Was it an accident, or murder? The daughter of the town's only law officer, fifty-nine-year-old widower Titus Closson, is forced off the road and nearly killed. Titus, who's been contemplating retirement, must put his plans aside to catch a killer and save his daughter's life.

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