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Fiction: The Lindy Lewis Adventures

"Engaging and fun to follow Lindy's adventures...."

Lyn Miller LaCoursiere

The Books

The Books

Meet Lindy Lewis, who burns her lovingly-restored but termite-infested house, collects the insurance money, and runs...from the insurance investigator who happens to be her college boyfriend.  


Join Lindy on her adventures all over the country, and meet the people of Birch Lake, Minnesota, in Lyn's expanding library of the stories of their lives.  You'll find mysteries, murder, intrigue, and fun in Lyn's beloved books.

The Author

The Author

 Lynn Miller LaCoursiere began journaling many years ago in a grief support group.  That first foray into writing led to joining a writing group, and poetry, and finally to Lindy Lewis!


She lives in Minnesota and has published numerous articles in the Minneapolis Star Tribune and Minnesota Women's Press pertaining to life and its challenges.  Her passion is relaxing by water anywhere, ocean, pond, or puddle.


The Links

The Links
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What you will find at Lyn's social media:


Facebook: Updates on upcoming releases


Twitter: Linked to facebook, with occasional additional updates or updates on author friends' work.


Blogger: Read the Lindy Lewis diaries


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