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A gripping fantasy that holds your attention from beginning to end.....

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The Books

The Books

Gypsy Heart: the Poems of Lilly Gelle:


During her life, Lilly was an accomplished musician, playing the piano dressed in her traditional Hungarian attire, singing traditional songs from her homeland. She was also an accomplished artist and writer.  These poems were written over a span of 20 years from 1940s to the 1960s. They have been translated from their original Hungarian and edited and compiled by her granddaughter, Lauretta Kehoe.

Dream of Dragons: 


Freelance artist Henry Williford was resigned to live the single life. When he discovers a naked, helpless beauty on a Florida beach, it changes his life forever. The only key to her forgotten past is her recurring dreams of golden dragons which turn into nightmares of black dragons, fire, and death. In A Dream of Dragons, as the young couple searches for answers to her prior life, they find love and healing in each other's arms. Only when a forgotten enemy resurfaces and threatens to take the life of her new love does Anne learn of her amazing origin-but she is now faced with a terrible choice.

The Author

The Author

 Lauretta is an avid reader of all types of books, but mostly science fiction and fantasy, seeking in these stories reflections of her Christian faith. Not finding many, she decided to write what she wanted to read. Then Michael added his input to “A Dream of Dragons,” the couple’s debut urban fantasy novel published by Tate Enterprises in 2016.

Lauretta and Michael have also published stories in several anthologies, including Lauretta being chosen as a finalist for Creative Writing Institute's 2017 Anthology "Lost." Other anthologies include “Joy” published by Gabriel’s Horn Press; “Once Upon a Cursed Time,” "Christmas Nightmares: and “Fractured Fairytales, Volume II,” published by Enchanted Anthologies; and “Black, Blue and Purple Pain, a Domestic Violence Awareness Anthology.”  In addition to writing their own books, the Kehoes work with other authors to publish theirs such as turning movie scripts into novellas for Producer, Director and Actor, Ron Becks.  

The Kehoes are members of the Jerry Jenkins Writer’s Guild. In addition to studying with Jerry through his "Your Novel Blueprint" class, they have also studied with Ted Dekker through his "The Creative Way" program and  James Patterson's Master Class. 

"A Dream of Dragons" is undergoing major revisions retitled "Dragons in the Night." The new manuscript was chosen as Judge’s Favorite in the 2018 Ink & Insights Annual contest. 
Michael Kehoe is a professional comedian, actor and screenwriter, who has appeared in several movies, including the latest Jason Bourne film, the upcoming Godzilla sequel, two television shows and two commercials.  Michael has also appeared as his Geriatric Elvis persona at five casinos in the Las Vegas area. 

After raising five children in Chicago, the couple moved to Las Vegas, Nevada where they live with our two cats, Thor and Sammy.  Lauretta can be found at and Michael at Additionally, they can be found on Facebook at and on their own individual pages and  They also have a presence on twitter @Lauriekehoe and LinkedIn at 

The Links

The Links
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What you will find at Laura's sites:


Homepage: More information about the books and appearances

Blog Talk Radio: Laurie and Mike interview an author each week on their radio program.



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