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Medical Memoir

"A powerful, heartbreaking memoir of long-term illness that analyzes emotion and medicine with equal insight.” —Kirkus Reviews 

Chris R. Powell

The Books

The Books

The Path That Shines is the story of Dr. Powell's late wife Bonnie, who suffered from a dozen medical conditions so serious that they required specialists of whom you would not want to meet one, let alone a dozen. Her last year was marked by a level of pain and agony that was gut-wrenching for her family, friends, and caregivers to live through and witness.


Yet, through this time, Bonnie remained remarkably upbeat and strong, doing her best to mother her daughter and always thinking of others, following a spiritual path that truly shone. She left a legacy of faith, love, strength, humor, and spirit that transcended her suffering in life, leaving an example for many.


This book is a memoir of that strength and a guide for dealing with complex medical conditions and the associated struggle.

The Author

The Author

Dr. Chris R. Powell, MBA, is a systems engineering consultant, author, musician, and woodworker, with degrees in Computer Science/Mathematics, Finance, and Technology Systems Management.


​Dr. Powell lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with his daughter Emilie.


He is currently writing 3 books with author-musician Ms. Laura Vosika, on Theology of Music, Faith Journeys, and Callings. He is also writing a book on Complex Systems Engineering.

The Links

The Links
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What you will find at Chris's sites:


Homepage: More information about the books and appearances


Emmanuel's Light: The photography gallery of which Chris is co-owner


Facebook: Frequently updated



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