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It's been a busy season for Gabriel's Horn! In the past few months, we've started a YouTube channel featuring our authors and trailers for their books, released eight books, created multiple book trailers for our authors, and launched a multi-author giveaway that will run through March. We are also hard at work on our second annual anthology of new poetry in classical forms.

Read on for details!


Silken Strands by Rebecca May Hope

One man's Utopia is a young woman's worst nightmare. Step into the world of one of the 19th century's Utopian experiments and how Millie begins to understand the world in which she has been raised as she faces a horrible choice of accepting the good offered by the historic Oneida community or giving it up for what she holds most dear.

Shattered Faith by Rebecca May Hope

When her daughter starts having visions that come true in strange ways, Faith comes face to face with disturbing questions and potential danger. Is she too late to stop the threat?

Gypsy Heart by Lilly Gelle, collected and edited by Lauretta Kehoe

Collected and translated here for the first time, Gypsy Heart shares the work of Lilly Gelle, a Hungarian immigrant. Not only is her poetry beautiful, it is a historically important look at the world of her time, and of her country.

A Dream of Dragons by Lauretta and Michael Kehoe

Who is this mysterious and helpless woman Henry finds on the beach--and why does she continually dream of dragons? As her dreams become darker, Henry's love grows deeper and he knows he will do anything to protect her.

Glenmirril Garden by Laura Vosika with Judd Knauss

We are proud to release our first collection of music. Glenmirril Garden is a collection of new and traditional music largely in the style of Celtic jigs and reels. The name is taken from the fictional Glenmirril Castle in the The Blue Bells Chronicles by Laura Vosika. It includes the composer's personal notes on the background of many of the compositions.

Without Words by Lisa Gurine

It’s amazing what people will tell you when you don’t speak yourself. Secrets are safe with Shadow. Her perspective, written as her life wanes, tells the story immigrants who struggled to establish a foothold on the harsh prairie landscape.

Alibi by Ross Tarry

Connie Basil couldn't tell the truth about where he was when his girlfriend Deloris Berrio was murdered. Twenty-four years later he returns to town, still under suspicion. And suddenly people are dying again.

See That House by Judith Granahan

When Hailey dies in a fiery crash, Kate McKenzie takes her place in Finance. When Kate discovers six non-existent employees on the company payroll, she steps into a world of danger. Will Kate meet Hailey's fate?

Golden Treasures by Lyn Miller LaCoursiere

On a sunny morning a carpenter arriving at a building site finds a woman hanging from the rafters. When Sheriff Moss arrives, he sees it’s a homicide and not a suicide. When a second victim is found a week later, his town is turned upside down.


We are giving away nine books. Enter HERE.


Are you a poet? We had a wonderful experience with our 2019 anthology, Startled by: JOY 2019. We are now accepting submissions to our 2020 anthology, Startled by: NATURE 2020. See our ANTHOLOGY page for details. We are pleased to release this year's cover.

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