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Blue Bells of Scotland

by Laura Vosika

Shawn Kleiner has it all: money, fame, a skyrocketing career as an international musical phenomenon, his beautiful girlfriend Amy, and all the women he wants--until the night Amy has enough and leaves him stranded in a Scottish castle tower.


He wakes up to find himself mistaken for Niall Campbell, medieval Highland warrior. Soon after, he is sent shimmying down a wind-torn castle wall into a dangerous cross country trek with Niall's tempting, but knife-wielding fiancee. They are pursued by English soldiers and a Scottish traitor who want Niall dead.

Lyn Miller LaCoursiere

...on the Lindy Lewis novels

Lyn speaks about her Lindy Lewis novels.

The Minstrel Boy

by Laura Vosika

In The Minstrel Boy, Shawn's girlfriend Amy resigns her position with the orchestra and stays behind in Scotland to trace Niall's fate through historical records. What she finds is not answers, but more questions.


Niall Campbell, a man larger than life, who recovers miraculously from multiple injuries, walks through walls, and appears in two places at once: Fact or myth? The thieving MacDougalls built gallows to hang Niall: Were they used? And why is the cop assigned to Shawn's case pursuing her long after the files are closed?

The Water is Wide

by Laura Vosika

World-renowned musician Shawn Kleiner vanished in the night among the ruins of a Scottish castle. While the world searches, one woman, the mother of his child, knows the truth: He is trapped seven hundred years in the past. While they struggle to reunite across the centuries, an unseen shadow crosses their path--an evil that will threaten the life of a child prophesied to protect history. An evil from the past walks today...​

Janet Kramer

on the Sion Grail

Janet Kramer speaks about her novel, The Sion Grail.

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