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Gypsy Heart: the poems of Lilly Gelle

Lilly Gelle grew up as a Jewish girl in Hungary, where her parents owned a store. A free spirit, Lilly had a will of her own and was eventually sent to America as a young woman to be married to a Hungarian doctor. Still searching, Lilly looked for meaning in different ways, different faiths, different worlds, from the old to the new. She was an accomplished musician, playing piano dressed in traditional Hungarian attire, singing traditional songs from her homeland. 


She was also an accomplished artist and writer. These poems were from over a span of twenty years, from the 1940s to the 1960s. The poems take the reader from her homeland of Hungary to the new world of Chicago, Illinois, and eventually to Santa Barbara, California, where she spent her last days.


Lilly wrote about legends and magic, faith and love, and other fascinating topics. Some poems were translated from their original Hungarian. This collection was edited and compiled by her granddaughter, Lauretta Kehoe. 

Startled by: JOY 2019

New Poetry in Traditional Forms

Grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine--sit back and enjoy the beauty of language! Startled by JOY is the first annual Gabriel's Horn Poetry Anthology of new poetry in traditional forms. This year features Thomas R. Smith and Dan Blum.

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