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Romantic Adventure

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Nightmares and Dreams

by Lyn Miller LaCoursiere

When the exterminator jokingly declared, "Lady, you better burn it," Lindy Lewis devised a plan and burned her beautiful home to collect the million dollar insurance. When the fraud is discovered by Reed Conners, an investigator for the same insurance company and coincidently a lover from college days; their lives again become entwined. Reed is pressured by his boss to "get the million back," but works to exonerate Lindy with the promise she will return the money. When temptation gets too great, she disappears with the cash. Throughout the next year, Lindy frolics in sun filled days, carrying her treasured wealth in a shoebox as she travels to escape a murderer's revenge.

Tomorrow's Rain

by Lyn Miller LaCoursiere

Clutching her fortune, Lindy has left Reed Conner’s bed in the north and escapes to her beloved south. As she frolics in sunny Savannah, Georgia, another house fire steals her tranquility and again she takes to the road. She settles by the ocean in Newport, Rhode Island. Here her journey into the mystical world of ghosts, visions and clairvoyance begins.


She has a vision of Reed, the investigator who has been hot on her trail to reclaim the million dollars for the insurance company they say she defrauded. He’s been shot and in a coma, and now beyond a doubt, Lindy believes it’s her turn to help him. She rushes back to his side. The FBI enters the picture and an inevitable prison term looms ahead, unless she testifies in court that she witnessed an international drug dealer murder one of their agents in cold blood!”


by Lyn Miller LaCoursiere

The courtroom was silent as death as the prosecutor repeated the question. "Miss Lewis, would you please tell the court what you saw when you looked out the porthole of the yacht?" The color drained from Lindy's face, and a chill numbed her limbs. She felt the deadly threat in Mario's eyes pierce the short distance in the room as she sat just a few feet from him. But she didn't have a choice; testify for the FBI or face prison for her fraudulent insurance claim. And of course, hand over the million dollars! 

Suddenly Summer

by Lyn Miller LaCoursiere

Suddenly Summer takes the reader on another hair-raising journey when Lindy Lewis saves the life of the Mayor of Monterrey, Mexico. “I know all about your deceptive life,” he threatens when she rejects his advances. In desperation to get away, she flees back to the US.


She is soon kidnapped by Mario D’Agustino’s henchmen and left in a forest to die as payback for testifying against him in court for the FBI. Antagonist Reed Conners, always doubtful of her clairvoyance, is finally convinced she may be on to something when she has a vision of the place a psycho has taken his best friend's wife and later identifies the two men found drowned in the  town lake.

The Early Years

by Lyn Miller LaCoursiere

This is a story of sweetness and conflict, decisions and departures, that shape the young lives of Lindy Lewis and Reed Conners, and mold Lindy into the person she is today. She leaves home at thirteen and earns her way through high school. Her loneliness gives way to bittersweet relief as she leaves this life and goes off to college.


There, she meets Reed Conners. Reed has come from a small northern town in Minnesota to study law. He struggles with his responsibilities after losing his parents, the very foundation of his life.


Their story begins when Reed and Lindy meet in their last year of college at Gina's diner.


by Lyn Miller LaCoursiere

This was the one big reason she had been forced to change her life so drastically, Lindy Lewis cries. Heartbroken, and furious at Reed Conners for his thoughtlessness and lack of consideration, believing he just hadn't cared enough to inform her months ago of his arrangement with the FBI, Lindy leaves his bed in Birch Lake and drives away. Now, months later, at the seashore, she has come face to face with a new revelation and has to make another immediate decision. Will this be the right one? Will Lindy find happiness at last?


by Lyn Miller LaCoursiere

"She was hunted like an animal and now I know I’m next!” Daisy cries. When a stranger treads softly into her bedroom, a circle of fine wire in hand ready to slip around her throat, is she ready?


You will be up late into the night, captivated, by this spine-tingling scene.

Moonbeams, Too

by Lyn Miller LaCoursiere

Believing Roma Hurst, Daisy O’Dell’s best friend and the killer’s first victim, has given her valuable information about his ring of deadly assassins, a killer stalks Daily.  She is forced to flee Birch Lake, in northern Minnesota for Minneapolis, after another “killer for hire” attempts to take her life.


Now safe in the city, she is awakened suddenly in the night, as she hears her locked hotel door slide open quietly. Will she die now too?.


by Lyn Miller LaCoursiere

Jesse Ortega, a sixty-two-year-old, overweight and exhausted sheriff from Birch Lake, Minnesota has finally retired after decades of stress and hard work.  Divorced from a cold-hearted woman, he packs battered suitcases and heads south.


Landing in Hilton Head, South Carolina, he decides this is where he might stay, only to find that while walking the beach, meeting beautiful women and finally feeling good, someone is out to kill him when rifle shots pierce the air and circle around his head. Is he destined to die now just after beginning to enjoy this new life he’s carved out for himself?

Almighty, Too

by Lyn Miller LaCoursiere

“Okay, load them up and take them into the woods and bury them!” The man ordered his brothers as his rifle shots echoed in the swamp. Soon after, a tornado came through, ripping up the trees and grounds and unearthing not just one head, but two in the rubble.


This was the horrendous case Jesse Ortega, the newly elected sheriff of this sleepy little burg called Paradise, Oklahoma was faced with. Who were the unlucky individuals who had belonged to these heads? And why had they lost their lives? Was there a killer hiding amongst the sleepy residents of Paradise?

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