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Poetry Anthology

Submissions open until October 15, 2022:

Gabriel’s Horn is accepting submissions of poetry for an annual anthology. We are looking for poetry that is: written in traditional form, positive, uplifting, and inspirational, in particular with a focus on faith and family. $3 submission fee for up to 5 poems. Poets are paid $5 per published poem under 14 lines and $10 per published poem 14 lines or more.


Our theme for 2022 is LAUGHTER. We are looking for moments of laughter and humor; reflections on laughter and humor; poems about funny moments, funny stories, comedians; even serious thoughts on the value of humor or a moment of laughter or humor that changed your life; the funniest person you've ever known. SUBMISSIONS OPEN UNTIL OCTOBER 15, 2022.

We are seeking a FEATURED POET. If you have two or more books of your own poetry published and/or have poems published in more than 15 publications and have a website and social media presence, please consider applying to be our featured poet this year.

Traditional forms can include (but are not limited to): sonnet, haiku, triolet, villanelle, rondeau, pantoun, ghazal, ode, ballad, etc. We do not publish free verse.




  1. Send $3 submission fee to at PAYPAL or to @GabrielsHorn at VENMO

  2. Send up to 5 poems to

  3. Specify which form each poem is.

Visit our 2021 Anthology Startled by LOVE:

Edited by: Laura Vosika

Featured poet: Jennifer Ann F. Messing

Visit our 2020 Anthology Startled by NATURE:

Edited by: Laura Vosika

Featured poet: Timothy Young

Also Including: many more

Visit our 2019 Anthology Startled by JOY:

Edited by: Laura Vosika and Michael Dean

Featured poets: Thomas R. Smith and Dan Blum

Also Including:

J.S. Absher * Jacqueline Anderson * Donna Marie Beck * J.M. Bollman * Teresa Burleson

Lorri Centineo * Mark Connor * Deb Felio * Lilly Gelle * Mark Andrew Heathcote * Mary Beth Hines

Robert Henry Hoffman * Rebecca Hope * Donna Isaac * Ed Meek * Annette Moore * Carter Norman

Marc T. Payne * Tony Plocido * Chris Reid * Luisa Kay Reyes * J. A. Sellers * Kim Schneider

Suzanne Swanson * Tekkan * Mary Vlooswyk * Sara Dovre Wudali

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